DS Lohchab is the Director of Balaji Films Production Pvt. Ltd. He founded this company in 2023. In today’s modern era, he is a great director of the Indian film industry, a renowned Director from Bollywood who is taking the film industry to a new height!

Ds Lohchab is one of the most talented Directors in Bollywood, with a vast array of movies under his belt. He has achieved tremendous success in a short time and now he has provided an even more exciting platform to showcase his work – “Balaji Films Production Pvt. Ltd.”, his own production company.

Balaji films production is a newly established film production company with the aim of delivering innovative and novel Bollywood content.

Introducing Ds Lohchab, a master of all trades – Businessman, Director, and artist. His passion for cinema is unparalleled and his ability to bring stories to life is remarkable. His entries are sure to revolutionize the entire world of cinema.

Mr. Lohchab is here to bring out the best in an exceptional direction. create awe-inspiring cinematic experiences that stay with audiences for a lifetime.

He is an acclaimed Bollywood Director with a knack for creating amazing music videos also. His latest song “Mashooq Mere” has been trending on the internet, receiving praise from audiences all around the world.

Balaji Films Production’s next upcoming Blockbuster movie is “Nadada“. Which will be released on 4th April 2024.